Gotta Write Productions brings writers together to build their worlds in a collaborative environment and move from concept to completion. Our members create stories in every realm of writing, from poems to short stories, YouTube videos and full length feature films. As a production company we support our members in these endeavors by taking on full production of the project or simply connecting people together to make things happen.

Gotta Write was founded in 2017 by Matt Peters. Matt is a writer and created and produced content for TV and online media.  The reason behind starting this company was brought on by frustration within the industry. Trying to meet and find people to work with was difficult and most groups came with a high membership fee.

That is why Gotta Write will always be free for our members to use. There shouldn’t be a golden ticket to connecting with creative colleagues, it should be accessible to all.

So join us, meet others who share your passion, create and build whatever you can dream.